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Each of our classes are a custom designed ride, never the same ride twice. A variety of classes are offered. All classes include a warm up, cool down and stretching.

PURE Addiction. The name says it all. 45-minute interval training combining short, high intensity bursts of speed, with slow recovery phases repeated throughout the class. Try it once and you’re addicted. All levels.

PURE Ride is a variety class. From sprints to climbs and everything in between, Pure Ride is high energy, exhilarating exercise with upbeat music. Fun, but challenging. All levels.

PURE Obsession. If your obsessed with cycling indoors or out or just obsessed with burning calories, this class is for you. High intensity intervals and intense music will keep you obsessed and wanting more!!!!

PURE Chaos. PURE Chaos will be a Crazy, Hectic, Amusing, Outrageous and Sassy ride.  Be ready to expect CHAOS.

PURE Motivation. PURE Motivation will never be the same ride twice.  The mix of music and ride will push you outside your comfort zone.  You will dig deep and go until you have absolutely nothing left.  There's a chance you may leave hating me, but I guarantee you will come back for more MOTIVATION..........

PURE Rock. Be ready to rock and roll during this 45-minute all cardio ride. All levels.

PURE Country. Let’s ‘take a little ride’ to an all country playlist from Johnny Cash to today’s hot artists. A slightly more relaxed ride, this class is great for beginners.

PURE Fun.  This class brings a a youthful perspective to cycling.  FUN is never the same twice!!! It will be full of variety so you will get a great workout.

PURE Mixup.  This class is a little of everything (music included!) mashed into ONE HOUR! You will never be bored, but you will definitely leave sweaty!

PURE Energy.  Its a FULL THROTTLE ride set to the best of the 80's, thru todays uptempo popular music with a little BOOM!!! thrown in for FUN.  All levels. 45-50 minutes.

PURE Passion. PASSION brings excitement to a NEW LEVEL.  We go ABOVE and BEYOND our Passion to Ride. It will work your whole body with heart pumping, high intense energy for a fun filled class with music that moves you.

PURE Power. Kick your weekend off with Chuck and 45 minutes of PURE POWER!  Will it be a POWER Fat Burn Interval or a POWER Speed Interval.?.?   WE R GONNA TEAR IT UP.....    R u ready?

 This class is pure _____ .  You fill in the blank. What do you want from this class?  It's whatever you want and wherever you are today.


We are always developing new class themes, so check back!

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